Breeder Pellets 3.0mm 18%

  • 18% protein
  • Finely balanced quality feed combining correct levels of vitamins and minerals
  • Proven performance in producing optimum sized eggs with outstanding hatchability resulting in strong, healthy, lively chicks
  • Introduce from mid-February onwards, or beginning of March, if a pre-breeder is used

Super Fine Crumbs

  • 29% protein
  • For day old partridges and pheasants, a high protein, super fine crumb which encourages food consumption to enhance early, healthy growth


Super Starter Crumbs

  • 29% protein
  • Ideal feed for day old pheasant and partridge chicks
  • Top quality crumbs with a very high protein, vitamin and mineral specification which is essential for the early development of game birds  


Chick Crumbs

  • 26% protein
  • The ideal follow on from Super Fine and Super Starter Crumbs
  • Chick Crumbs are suitable and small enough for day old pheasants



Chick Micro

  • 24% protein
  • Micro sized pellets specifically formulated to easily convert pheasant and partridge chicks from crumbs to pellets
  • Highly cost effective, with reduced waste
  • Introduce gradually over a period of three to four days

Grower Mini

  • 21% protein
  • Following on from Micro Pellets, Grower Mini Pellets are particularly suitable for pheasants and partridges
  • High protein and energy specifications produce strong, healthy, well feathered poults

Rearer Pellets 3.0mm

  • 19% protein
  • The natural follow on from Grower Mini Pellets
  • Highly recommended for pheasant poults going to wood, whilst still maintaining the balance of protein, vitamins and minerals to finish off well grown healthy poults  


Poult Pellets 3.0mm

  •  16% protein
  • Following on from Rearer Pellets
  • A well proven pellet incorporating game spice and flavour to help keep pheasant poults concentrated on feed rides prior to being introduced to wheat



Maintenance Pellets 2.5mm-3.0mm

  • 14% protein
  • Complete, non medicated diet for pheasants and partridges to maintain the birds in peak condition and hold them on feed rides for the shooting season
  • Birds that are over wintered for the breeding season should continue to be fed Maintenance Pellets with a proportion of wheat throughout the winter months