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2017 Autumn Cropping Range
The latest additions to our autumn cropping range have been confirmed and are now available joining an extensive range of cereals, OSR and pulses. View the full range here

July Newsletter
As we start to see combine's roll into winter barley find out all the latest going on in July. 

Blackgrass control, planning for the future
Defeating blackgrass requires a long-term approach across multiple crops within the rotation, with each method of control building on the success of the last. Our Crop Protection team discuss the importance of planning in the fight against it, read full article here.

Recent weather increases risk of OWBM
Orange wheat blossom midge larvae feed on the developing seeds, causing small, shrivelled grains. We explore what to look for and how to protect your crop. Read the full article here



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At Bartholomews, we are proud to be a family owned business that has been servicing the agri-food sector for over 130 years. Whatever your farming system, we can offer you a full range of agricultural inputs to meet your needs. Click here for 'About Us'