What We Do.....

With the correct nutrient management plan, we ensure optimal input results in maximum output on farm. This is the aim of our highly experienced fertiliser team here at Bartholomews, ensuring you are getting value for money, resulting in a profitable crop.

We source quality products from both the UK and global markets, ever anticipating your requirements alongside our agronomy team and other third parties, whilst embracing your specific farm requirements with our own blending facility in Southampton port.

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What's New.....

At this time of year, you should be looking at creating your Nutrient Management Plan, showing what N, P, K & S fertiliser you are proposing to apply to which field/crop to comply with your record keeping for your RPA inspection & NVZ regulations (if you are in an NVZ area) or any other scheme regulation you may be in.

Always make sure when working out nutrient requirements that you consider the nutrient values from any organic manures that are applied.