What We Do.....

With the correct nutrient management plan, we ensure optimal input results in maximum output on farm. This is the aim of our highly experienced fertiliser team here at Bartholomews, ensuring you are getting value for money, resulting in a profitable crop.

We source quality products from both the UK and global markets, ever anticipating your requirements alongside our agronomy team and other third parties, whilst embracing your specific farm requirements with our own blending facility in Southampton port.

Call the department on: 01243 755630

What's New.....

Nitrates - We are anticipating new season Nitrogen fertiliser prices to be released in the next week or so. We have begun collecting our customers’ requirements in anticipation of this and welcome further enquiries for us to secure you the best deal at the earliest opportunity.

Aftercut - The late grass market is still running and we are stocked with very competitive NKS grades for prompt delivery.