Super Fine Crumbs

For day-old partridges and pheasants, a high protein, super-fine crumb which encourages food consumption to enhance early, healthy growth. 

Super Starter Crumbs 

Ideal feed for day old pheasent and partridge chicks. Top quality crumb with a high protein, vitamin and mineral specification which is essential for the early development of game birds

Chick Crumbs

The follow on from Super Fine and Super Starter Crumbs, Chick crumbs are suitable and small enough for day old pheasants. 

Chick Micro Pellets

Micro-sized pellets specifically formulated to easily convert pheasant and partridge chicks from crumbs to pellets. Highly cost-effective, with no waste. Chick Micro pellets can be introduced gradually over a period of three to four days 

Grower Mini Pellets

Following on from Micro pellets, grower mini pellets are particularly suitable for pheasant and partridges. The high protein and energy specifications produce strong, healthy, well feathered poults. 


Breeder Pellets 

A high energy feed formulated specifically for partridges. High protein for maximum egg production at optimum size with excellent hatchability. 20% protein, 2.5mm


Finisher Pellets

The follow on from Grower Pellets, specifically formulated for partridges. Very popular, mini size, high protein pellet, which is non medicated.18% protein , 2.5mm