Herbage Mix No 1
Early Bite & Cut

One to two-year cutting ley

Sown in the autumn, this mixture combines the attributes of tetraploid and diploid italian ryegrasses. The diploid maintains the high dry matter, while the tetraploid provides the soluble carbohydrate content. Giving one massive first cut of high quality silage, it can then be ploughed in and followed by maize or linseed. Left in place, it can be grazed through to the autumn or give a second or third cut of silage if no other grass leys are available and it will also provide two/three cuts in the second year. It has also been successfully established after maize and produced the same excellent yields.

  • Good early spring growth with superb mid-season digestibility
  • High percentage soluble carbohydrate
  • Close heading dates at 67D to maximise quality and quantity
  • Good ground cover

Herbage Mix No 2
Triple Cut

Two to three-year cutting ley

Designed to produce at least three cuts of high quality silage and excellent autumn grazing. By offering a blend of hybrid and perennial ryegrasses, the mixture not only remains highly productive but will also persist for three years. This is a very popular mixture.

  • Good persistency and winter hardiness
  • Excellent conservation and grazing yields
  • High percentage soluble carbohydrate
  • Dip. Italian ryegrass, Tet. Italian ryegrass Dip. Italian ryegrass
  • Suggested sowing rate 14kg per acre


Herbage Mix No 3
Prime Cut & Graze

A three to four-year productive cutting ley

This mixture suits situations where early silage cuts are not possible, perhaps on wetter, low lying ground or to follow earlier Italian ryegrass leys. The ideal cutting date of 67D is not reached until mid/end of May. This mixture can provide a second cut of high quality silage, if required, before being returned to the summer grazing ground

  • Productive cutting ley with good autumn grazing 
  • Excellent conservation and grazing yields
  • Good disease resistance and persistency
  • Close heading dates at 67D to enable good quality and quantity of silage and prolonged grazing



Herbage Mix No 4
Dual Purpose Ley

Three to four-year dual purpose ley

This versatile mixture gives good early spring growth and high D values for a first cut of silage. Thereafter, the mixture comprises of a blend of the finest grazing perennials, together with clovers to give highly palatable and digestive grazing well into the autumn for cattle and sheep.

  • High percentage soluble carbohydrate silage
  • Excellent grazing and conservation yields
  • Good persistence and disease resistance
  • Excellent early spring growth


Herbage Mix No 5
Prestige Grazing Ley

Four to five-year intensive grass ley

Provides a highly digestible ley for intensive stocking situations such as dairy surrounds or beef cattle grazing. Clover is left out of this mixture for a variety of reasons; where high nitrogen fertilising is practised and if weeds become a problem the ley management require herbicide weed control.

  • Excellent persistency and winter hardiness
  • Good early spring growth
  • Superb conservation and grazing yields
  • Long heading date spread to give prolonged grazing
  • Suits all soil types


Herbage Mix No 6
Prestige Grazing Ley with Clover

Four to five-year intensive grass ley with clover

Similar to Herbage Number 5 but with the addition of a range of high quality white clover, making it suitable for both cattle and sheep grazing and providing high nutritive value. It is also a useful source of nitrogen for grass growth. Suits more favourable sites, which allows clover to flourish.

  • Highly digestible mix
  • Good conservation and grazing yields
  • Excellent persistency and winter hardiness
  • Contains high yielding and good ground covering clover   


Herbage Mix No 7
Evergreen Pasture

Permanent grazing ley                                                

A true permanent pasture mixture giving good spring growth and grazing well into the autumn. Amongst the blend of clovers, a small leaved white clover has been added to maintain a bottom to the sward when intensively grazed by sheep. Timothy helps to maintain the yields during the mid-season period when the ryegrass will be yielding less. The clovers are designed to suit long-term grazing leys and comprise of small to medium leaved clover which will also flourish in dry summers.

  • Good persistency and disease resistance
  • Good grazing yields
  • Very flexible usage for conservation, cattle and sheep grazing   


Herbage Mix No 8
Downland Grazing Ley

Permanent pasture mixture for thin soils              

A permanent grazing mixture recommended for the South Downs and other marginal areas. (The mixture is commonly used for environmental schemes.) The wide diversity of species allows the ley to perform under adverse conditions and provides useful grazing for cattle and especially sheep.

  • Suggested sowing rate 14kg/ac


Herbage Mix No 9
Protein Cut


Two to three year dual purpose ley

This mix is not suitable for sheep grazing. The mix of red clover and hybrid ryegrass improves quality and persistence without loss of yield. Can be ensiled as a ryegrass sward with up to 3 cuts per season, followed by some grazing. Will do well on most well drained soils and is reasonably winter hardy.

  • First cut will take 50% of the red clover yield
  • High protein quality silage with long duration for grazing
  • Drought tolerant to suits light soils
  • Rotational advantage provides excellent entry for wheat crop  


Herbage Mix No 10
Haylage Maker

Good Winter hardiness

A medium term haylage mix to produce abundant quality forage for general horse hay. (For race horse hay a mix of No. 1 and No. 2 should be used.) This mix also provides excellent full ground cover.

  • Medium term hay production
  • Quality forage for farm livestock with good fibre content
  • Excellent persistence
  • Good winter hardiness and ground cover
  • High diploid content for rapid drying

Milk & Meat Production

No clover option available. Available with Plantain and Chicory. Aber HSG1 is a long term, general purpose mixture which contains AberGreen, the NIAB cup winning intermediate diploid variety.

Herbage Mix No 11
Early Hay

Suitable for Winter - damaged paddocks

This mix contains some early perennial ryegrass together with Timothy to produce palatable ryegrass hay, if required. This mixture is probably better suited to patchy winter-damaged paddocks.

  • Pack size 12kg per acre



Long Term Ley

No clover option available. Available with Plantain and Chicory. Top seller in the premium HSG range, suitable for rotational or set stocking grazing. Again it contains AberGreen as well as AberZeus which made the recommended list in 2016

Herbage Mix No 12
Grazing Paddock

Provides a hard-wearing stand for horses, as well as good grazing grass.

  • Pack size 12kg per acre



Dairy System Suitable

Dairy mixture. No clover option available. Aimed at dairy producers wanting top quality grazing as well as the ability to take one or two cuts of quality silage.