Golf & Bowling Greens
Mix no 22 

Cricket Square & Tennis Courts
Mix no 22

Suburban & Fine Lawn
Mix no 23

Will tolerate very close mowing and produce the dense, prostrate growth habit necessary for a true running green. Suitable for croquet and finest ornamental lawns. Will need careful management to establish well and remain weed-free. 

  • Mowing height: 5 - 8mm
  • Sowing rate: 35g/msq

Combines a fine fescue with top quality amenity ryegrass. These varieties give dense turf, tolerant of close mowing. In recent years, even top tennis courts have moved to a ryegrass mix, away from traditional fescues. 

  • Mowing height: 13 - 38mm
  • Sowing rate: 26g/msq

A good quality, economical mixture for general use and medium to large ornamental lawns. Will withstand modest amount of wear. 


  • Mowing height: 5 - 8mm
  • Sowing rate: 35g/msq

Urban & Shady Lawn
Mix no 24

Sports Pitches & Heavy Usage Lawn
Mix no 25

Economy Lawn
Mix no 26

A low maintenance mixture for small to medium sized gardens and for areas shaded by trees or buildings. Should not be closely or frequently mown. Areas under trees tend to be impoverished; ensure soil nutrients are available. If only partial shade use mix 23. 

  • Mowing height: 20 - 50mm
  • Sowing rate: 35g/msq

A hard wearing and rapidly establishing mixture ideal for sports pitches, general playing areas and renovating moderate damage between playing seasons. Also suitable for areas that will see heavy use such as paths and car parking areas.

  • Mowing height: 25 - 60mm
  • Sowing rate: 26 - 35g/msq

Gives a fast growing lawn of good quality, at a modest price. Will withstand wear and poor conditions. Quick to establish. 


  • Mowing height: 25 - 50mm
  • Sowing rate: 26 - 35g/sqm

Large Area & Pitch Renovation
Mix 27

Lawn & Landscaping

Roadside Verge & Landscaping
Department of Enviroment

Ryegrass is the only cultivar that will be able to obtain sufficient growth in time for the following playing season. A high nitrogen fertiliser will aid establishment. Can also be used on car parks and other damaged areas. 

  • Sowing rate: 18 - 35g/msq

Contains many fine-leaved species of grass. This combination offers very little leaf area for salt spray to scorch. The Sportsturf ryegrass acts as a nurse to finer, slower establishing fescues.

  • Mowing height: 20 - 30mm
  • Sowing rate: 35g/msq

Mixed to the Department of Environment formula (clause 2616), suitable for verges, council highways work, embankments and landscaping. 


  • Sowing rate: 18 - 35g/msq