Why should you feed minerals?

In a time where there is mounting pressure and uncertainty in animal production, working efficiently has become more important than ever before.

Many will look at this as a reason to cut back on bought in feed and supplements, but this can lead to higher, unexpected costs.

Minerals are a key example of this. The below table is a UK benchmark published by Kingshay in 2017, to show the cost per case of some typical health issues in UK dairy herds.

cost per case.PNG

A good balance of minerals, vitamins and trace elements will reduce the chances of these health issues occurring. Of course, the main source of these will be via the on-farm forage. However, forages can vary widely year on year, and without proper testing, it is impossible to know which of the key elements the forage is able to provide to the animal.

Bartholomews can offer a silage testing service which will show us exactly what the make-up of the on-farm forage is, which then allows us to create a bespoke mineral for you to balance this.

With an average cost of feeding a mineral of 6 pence, per cow, per day, over the production cycle of the animal, the cost will still be less than treating any of the above cases and the same rule would apply for any typical health issues in beef production.

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