Did you know that around 80% of cow health problems occur during the immediate days post calving? These include a rise in cases of Mastitis, Ketosis, Acidosis and Laminitis. All of these can cause financial implications either through the loss of the animal itself or vets costs to treat them.

ForFarmers have a specially designed range of compound feeds, to help deal with the changes in dietary requirements, dairy cows face during the 3 week pre calving period, which helps set them up to deal with the pressures on their systems post calving. The diets also help to improve colostrums quality, which helps makes for healthier calves!

The Translac range includes the following benefits-

Calcium Binder - to make the cow more efficient in using the calcium available to her, reducing the risk of milk fever

Vitamin B - to help with healthy liver

High Starch - to aid rumen development

Vitamin E - for improved colostrums quality

Contact the feed department to arrange a visit or to have a chat about the options available to you 01243 755640/ kayleighjohnson@bartholomews.co.uk