Placing fertiliser where the seeds can access it quickly is key to strong early growth and a well-established crop. The aim is to apply enough nutrients for the first 40 days, placed where the small plant can easily access them. Phosphorous is especially important in encouraging strong rooting.

Early season P nutrition is critical and its main function is to promote cell division, so a deficiency in the first four to five weeks will have a major impact on rooting and ultimate yield potential. P is negatively charged and can be locked up by the positive charged elements, and it is not very mobile in the soil, moving less than 0.2mm/week

There is a proven synergistic effect on the plant uptake of Phosphate where nitrogen is available in the form of Ammonia. DAP is the most commonly used product.

Applying Di-ammonium phosphate (DAP) (18-46-0) to winter oilseed rape is a popular choice, and is drilled at a rate of between 125 to 165kg/ha.

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