Our Spring Cropping range has now been confirmed and we are pleased to be able to offer an extended range of cereal crops for the coming season. 

With a growing popularity of spring barley seen nationally, we expect to see this area increase again in 2018, from 470,000ha grown in 2017. Propino continues to be the bench mark variety for the market place, offering consistently high retention rates and strong agronomic qualities, we expect a big demand for this variety in the coming season. Another variety favourite, Planet, has the potential to achieve the highest yield, averaging 7.9t/ha in the Eastern region 2017. This figure alongside an expected gross margin of £833 per ha makes Planet an attractive choice. KWS Irina will remain a strong variety for niche growers. Although we cannot offer harvest movement, it is however expected to reach full market value. 

Although demand for Spring Malting Barley (SMB) for export markets is high, Spring Wheat is often underappreciated as a suitable crop, especially for those on less desirable SMB ground. New variety, to the list, KWS Chilham (gp 2) is very attractive with yield potential rated at 103 (AHDB rec list 2017). Mulika is the tried and tested variety of sp. wheat offered and continues to give good Hagbergs, grain proteins and specific weights hence remains the popular choice with growers.

We add WPB Elyann to our Spring Oats range this year, alongside Aspen and Canyon. This addition is an earlier maturing variety with a high kernel content making it attractive in the market place.

With Deter not available for spring use, we offer Austral Plus as our dual purpose treatment. We can offer Rancona i-mix on Barley as an SPD with Beret Gold the choice for treating Wheat and Oats. 

Discounts to growers who accept delivery prior to Christmas and additional discount for collection are available. We are also delighted to be able to offer all growers who purchase seed a place at our inaugural Spring Malting Barley Conference, taking place on Wednesday 17th January at Goodwood House, nr Chichester.  

With the continued pressure of blackgrass and a secure and lively market place for SMB, we are expecting a vigorous spring campaign. Call our team early to place your order and take advantage of discount available

Call the department on:  01243 755620