Dwarf Sorghum (Shorty)

  • Adds warmth to maize crops when sown adjacent
  • Ideal for driving and winter cover
  • Can make excellent flushing points in maize
  • Best replacement for kale
  • Best sown in June or when soil temp is 14degrees centigrade 
  • Thiram seed treatment, 8 kilo per acre unit

Intermediate Sorghum (DP2)

  • Ideal replacement for maize
  • Makes excellent controlled driving cover
  • Herbicide use possible
  • Best sown in June or when soil temp is 14oc
  • Thiram seed treatment, 10 kilo per acre unit


Giant Sorghum (Jumbo Star)

  • Good vigour and fast growth
  • Tall dense cover ideally used for a windbreak around maize
  • Can reach a height of 5-6ft
  • New variety with greater standing power due to thicker stem
  • Crops can screen allowing guns to get into position without disturbing the birds
  • Thiram seed treatment, 10 kilo per acre unit