Ultimately, sowing a crop remains an act of faith, so you need to be as confident as possible that your seed has been cleaned, treated and stored to the very highest standards. This confidence comes as standard with any seed from Bartholomews, from forage and amenity seeds to environmental and game covers.  

Our current seed plant is facilitated with the most up to date technical controls and highly experienced staff. Our plant incorporates a dust extraction system, removing dust at every stage of the process. As well as making sure we comply with stringent health and safety legislation, improving seed cleanliness and automated bagging machinery to aid efficiency of production and clear identification, dressing and thousand grain weight. We employ the latest seed dressing technology, ensuring maximum seed protection and performance. 

Our onsite seed laboratory & processing plant at Chichester allows us to control seed production, ensuring availability when seed is required at peak drilling periods. Our understanding of the grain markets and farmers' businesses, help us anticipate which seed varieties will be in most demand and with our own warehouse capacity and logistics company we offer a quality and efficient service to our customers.