Each year, Bartholomews undertakes an extensive independent range of both cereal varieties and crop protection trials across the Southern region.

Under local soil and climate conditions, we aim to evaluate how cereal varieties perform under varied fungicide programmes. As leading suppliers of crop protection products in the region, Bartholomews has access to new chemistry actives to evaluate prior to market launch.

We are currently running over 15 trials across the south most will be taken to yield. This year we are looking at;

  • Fertiliser use efficiency on winter wheat

  • Potash sources on both winter wheat and spring barley

  • New chemistry (fungicide) winter wheat and winter barley

  • Blackgrass solutions in winter wheat and spring barley

  • Resistant Ryegrass

  • BYDV varietal resistance

  • BYDV product choice (including new chemistry) and timing

  • Winter wheat varietal work

  • Spring barley varietal work

  • Bespoke small plot trials on customer request

You can keep up to date with our Trials on our News page. Click HERE for all the latest.