Our Maize Handbook for Spring 2018 have now been released. We have carefully selected wide range offering something to suit all requirements – from early to late varieties. As well as continuing with old favourites, we are delighted to have some new varieties available also. Looking at dry matter, starch yield and overall digestibility of the plant (CWD) will allow you to make the right choice to suit any situation.

New varieties:
         Reason – ‘LGAN’ accredited for high quality feed; high CWD and DM yield
         Petroschka – good starch yield with good potential for marginal sites and tolerance to cold

High Yielding varieties:
         Movanna, Kompetens, Aurelius

High starch varieties:
         Kaspian, Sergio, Yukon

High ME varieties:
Kompetens, Aurelius, Belami

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It is looking unlikely that Mesurol and Sonido will be relicensed and a use up period is currently unknown. Due to this uncertainty, we will be holding a limited stock of treated varieties seed for later orders. To ensure that you receive your required treatment, we advise you order early.

To find more about our range on offer call one of our team 01243 755620