Carbon Kale

  • Very fast establishment
  • Frost tolerant
  • Kale/ mustard hybrid
  • Similar to Utopia and Texsel greens
  • Best sown in June or July
  • Can be sown into cereal stubbles
  • Fungicide treated only
  • Not as winter hardy as other varities  
  • 2 kilo per acre unit


Bartholomews Rescue Mix

  • Late sowing option
  • Multi-level cover
  • Winter hardy
  • 4 kilo per acre unit
  • Rescue Mix contains forage rape, mustard, tyfon and fodder radis



  • Rape and Kale Hybrid
  • Excellent establishment and early vigour
  • Winter hardy full season cover
  • Fantastic fast growing rape with kale parentage
  • Ideal replacement for kale when sown in June or July
  • Can also be used as a pioneer or rescue crop
  • Available in 5 kilo packs, 2 kilo per acre