Why feed a blend?

Blends have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as farmers look to improve their time efficiency and cash flow.

Blend feed.jpeg

Blends are a mix of straight feeds which can be fed as is through trough feeding systems or as part of a mixer wagon diet. The only downside to a blend is that if you are using a component based feeding system, meaning the blend would need to be made up of pelletised raw materials in order to go through the parlour feeders.

The main benefit of feeding a blend is of course cash flow and storage. A blend only needs one bin or bay to be stored in, whereas taking straights onto farm would require multiple storage options as well as additional labour for on farm mixing. Blends are also a useful tool in terms of cash flow as it allows you to have multiple raw materials delivered as part of one invoice.

We can offer blends in bulk for any tonnage between 5t and 29t, blown or tipped.

We can help you formulate a blend to meet your requirements from the following list of ingredients-

  • Rolled Wheat

  • Soya Hulls

  • Soya Plus

  • Sugarbeet Pulp

  • Sunflower

  • Wheatfeed

  • Wheatplus

  • Whole Barley

  • Whole Wheat

  • Limestone Flour

  • Mineral (Cattle)

  • Biscuit Blend

  • Ground Maize

  • Hipro Soya

  • Maize Distillers

  • Maize Meal

  • Molasses

  • Palm Kernel

  • Rapeseed Meal

  • Rolled Barley

  • Urea


For further information please contact your local feed representative-

Richard Aspinall (South West) - 07825723702

Chris Freeman (South East) - 07767007067

John Summer (Southampton, Portsmouth) - 07977277838