T0 Fungicide Application – The Basis of Your Fungicide Programme

Despite the popular view that the “T” timing fungicide regime was a clever marketing ploy by one of the chemical manufacturers, it is in fact based on sound science. The principles of the plan start at the T0, typically applied at growth stage 30 (ear at 1cm, pseudostem erect). This is the first spray of the spring and covers the leaves which, by the T3 timing, will have senesced. Although by the time we are in the summer months these leaves are a distant memory, they still lurk under the canopy as a source of inoculum for disease, ready to spread to any leaves which are not protected. It is therefore of great importance to limit the amount of disease on these leaves, which is achieved by using a robust T0 spray. This spray will likely be targeting Septoria and rusts, depending on the disease rating of the variety and disease spotted in the field. It could be as simple as a shot of CTL, or potentially something a little more complex such as a mix of CTL and an azole. It is also likely that some growth regulators will be added into this mix to help manipulate tillering of the crop.


In addition to limiting disease in the latter stages of growth, it also adds some level of insurance against delays to the T1 spray (GS31-33) which covers leaf 3 of the plant. The emergence of leaf 3 happens between 4 and 5 weeks after the T0 application. With the industry losing active ingredients faster than we are discovering new ones, it is therefore of great importance that we protect what we currently have by using them to their best efficacy. This is achieved by using a mix of modes of action in the same season/ spray, using the best disease rated varieties, and not putting too much pressure on the actives. If applied correctly the T0 spray sets the crop up for the rest of the season, limits disease pressure, and keeps disease away from the crop.

Bartholomews are currently running T0 fungicide trials where we’re investigating several T0 fungicide options and new biostimulant activity. This 7-treatment trial aims to give us a better idea of what our options are for the T0 spray in the future, as we are rapidly losing the actives which we have traditionally relied on for this application. Come and join us at our open days to find out more and see exclusive results:

Plumpton – 18th June

Wiltshire – 19th June

Dorset – 20th June

Chalton - 26th + 27th June

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