Sulphur: The key to perfect grassland

A structured & balanced fertiliser programme is essential for good grassland management. To achieve higher yields, leaf numbers need to be increased whilst maintaining a high dry matter content. To achieve this, a timely application of grassland fertilisers that benefits from macro and micronutrients can help to reduce nutrient deficiency.

Sulphur is essential for the formation of plant proteins and increases the efficiency of uptake and mobilisation of Nitrogen; an essential component for optimal photosynthesis. Deficiencies in nutrients cause the older leaves to turn light green or yellow and reduces overall yield.


The sulphur in both PotashpluS and Polysulphate have a prolonged nutrient release rate, reducing the risk of losses through leaching. Our fertiliser team suggest the following options for you to maximise your grassland yield.

UK produced Polysulphate – 4 Nutrients in One

This is a naturally occurring multi-nutrient sulphate fertiliser - 14K2O + 6MgO + 17CaO + 48SO3.

An ideal straight sulphur fertiliser, 48SO3 with the additional benefits of providing potassium K, Magnesium Mg, and Calcium Ca, all in a sulphate form in one application.

·         Sulphur is an essential constituent of proteins and helps improve the efficiency of other nutrients like nitrogen and phosphate.

·         Magnesium is essential for photosynthesis.

·         Potassium is vital for improved crop health, quality and yield.

·         Calcium is crucial for cell division, leading to strong healthy crops.

·         Polysulphate is low in chloride, all the nutrients are fully soluble and come with an Organic status.

UK produced PotashpluS - 37K2O + 2.8MgO + 8CaO + 23SO3.

This is a new granular fertiliser specially formulated using a combination of Potash (MOP) and Polysulphate. This also has the four essential nutrients in a single compound. It’s ideal for all crops with high demands for potassium and sulphur.

Both these products can apply Sulphur separately to, or with Nitrogen at an economic rate. We are now offering a comprehensive blend range tailored to your needs. Please call the Fertiliser department for further details – 01243 755630