Market update - June

Grain Marketing

Our team of Grain Traders are hosting 14 breakfast meetings across the south of the UK. There’s been plenty of discussion already about effective marketing throughout the coming season, Brexit, and export opportunities. You can find our full list of dates HERE. You can also meet members of the Grain Marketing team at our range of open days. Find your nearest event HERE.



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Proteins- Soya prices have fallen back as was expected after their initial hard and fast rally. The weather pattern in the Midwest is looking drier which will open up planting opportunities later this week however, farmers are now likely to focus on planting beans over corn. The USDA S&D report is due out this evening and expected to show a bearish picture with an increase in acreage and a drop in bean crushing, most likely coming from China. Currency still holds around 1.26. 

Rapemeal has continued to take its lead from soya, easing back this week, however, there are still major concerns over the exact yields from UK and European farmers for their new crop so this does need to be watched carefully.  

Energies/Fibres- Soya Hulls continue to look good value against sugarbeet and barley. Ground Maize has firmed in recent weeks in line with grain but it does still look good value for winter starch on farm. With many American farmers now looking to switch their missed corn opportunity into soya, starches across the world may well be short this winter.