Market update - July

New fertiliser products

Urea Plus Protected by Limus® 46N

·         Limus® is the Only Urease inhibitor with two active ingredients (competition – Alzon &  Sustain have only 1)

·         Limus® is stable for at least 12 months, providing better storage compared to other inhibitors using the NBPT ingredient alone, that starts degrading after 2 months – up to 40% over 6 months.

·         Limus® enhances the Urea performance to the level of Ammonium Nitrate and better.

·         Limus® works reliably on all soil types.


Urea Poly Plus Range Protected by Limus®

·         A Urea Sulphur range wih multiple benefits over Urea with Ammonium Sulphate.

·         The sulphur releases over 50 days – for better assimilation of nitrogen.

·         The Ca & MgO improves establishment.

·         The Potash in the product can be deducted from the total K requirement.

·         The Limus® protected Urea raises the performance to AN 34.5 & beyond.


 Phosphate Plus 12.5N-32P+4K+2MgO+5CaO+14.5SO3

·         Powerful new product for OSR establishment at rates of 125-150Kg/ha

·         It has the benefit of the flexibility of Autumn Sulphur applications.

·         The sulphur releases over 50 days – for better assimilation of nitrogen.

·         The CaO promotes rapid fibrous root growth.

·         Synergistic effect between nitrogen, magnesium and sulphur

·         Can be applied by broadcasting to the seedbed or down the pipe of the drill.

Feed markets

Proteins- Soya has stayed within the same range this week with mixed news in the market. The US is mostly dry with 96% of beans now reported as being planted, however initial crop reports have pegged 53% as good/excellent against 71% this time last year. Chinese imports continue to drop with the impact of ASF, however, with farmers reluctant to sell at the moment, crushers are struggling to find beans which is keeping prices higher. Fund holders are still short overall on both beans and meal. A weak pound is not helping our physical UK prices.

Rapemeal has rallied slightly as anticipated with the nervousness around dryness in Europe.

Energies/Fibres- Imported sugarbeet has now switched and looks better value for the winter than soya hulls. Ground Maize continues to firm in line with grains but it does still look good value for winter starch on farm. With many American farmers now looking to switch their missed corn opportunity into soya, starches across the world may well be short this winter.

Fats and Minerals- Bartholomews can offer our own bespoke mineral range as well as other traditional straights such as limestone flour, Sodium Bicarb and Urea.

We also have C16 and Calcium Soap products available. These products are priced extremely competitively against other branded equivalents and with current high feed costs, these products begin to look more appealing.