Boron Anxieties

We often think of Boron as an issue which needs addressing in Brassica crops such as Oil Seed Rape. We are also warned that too much Boron, especially in cereals can be toxic to the crop. In 70% of our tissue samples this spring from of our regional trial sites and selected farms, we are picking up Boron deficiencies in cereals for the second year running.

Boron is not an element we routinely apply to the cereal crop, due to a fear of toxicity to the plant, but this is only an issue where large applications are made. But where 75g/ha is applied, then there shouldn’t be an issue. We also advise being careful when selecting tank mix partners, and the order by which products are added to the tank.

Why is Boron so important to the plant?

Lack of Boron affects pollen viability which manifests itself in cereals as reduced grain sites and smaller ears, leading to reduced yields of up to 0.3t/ha.

What does it look like?

Boron is very immobile in the plant; symptoms affect the younger leaves causing deformed leaves at the growing points of the plant.

What should I do if deficiency has been detected?

Apply a dose of Boron (75g/ha) up to Growth stage 31/32 in cereals.

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