Overcoming supply challenges this season - Crop Protection

There is a high risk that some crop protection products may not be available when required for early season use this spring. This is down to many factors which are not in our control, but we can help make plans for a worst-case scenario.


What are these factors?

1.     Reduction of raw material and technical production in China due to environmental closure of many factories

2.     Revocation of some key fungicide actives.

3.     Unknown logistical implications of a Brexit deal or no deal

4.     Shipment delays of product into the UK from the far east


We’ve been liaising with manufacturers, over the last few months, to ensure that production for the UK is prioritised and products are available in the first 3 months of 2019. However, there is a finite amount of compliant pesticide storage space available within the UK for distributors, manufacturers and importers alike.


With this challenge ahead, we’re offering our Big and Early offer up to March 15th.


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