A high yielding, tall plant with good early vigour and lodging resistance. Performed well in trials for eye spot resistance. Thrives on heavier land. 

Maturity:                   MC 6 (FAO 210)
Site type:                   All locations
Recommended use: Forage
CWD:                          Medium (5.7)
Bred by:                     DSV
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"Offers sound Eyespot resistance, standing power and top yield for it maturity class" 




Large uniform cobs and high starch content makes this variety ideal for a lower maize inclusion ration. 

Maturity:                   MC 7 (FAO 200)
Recommended use: Forage/ Biogas
CWD:                          Good
Bred by:                     Caussade
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"With the potential for a high yield and excellent yield components this early maturing variety is perfect for inclusion in to a well balanced ration" 


Superb early vigour and cob maturity with very high ME yields. Good standing power ensures a hassle free harvest. 

Maturity:                   MC 7 (FAO 190)
Agronomic factor:    27.8
Recommended use: Forage & AD
CWD:                          High
Bred by:                     Limagrain
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"Delivers a quality silage that can help reduce feed costs and improve performance"




Ideal maize for higher feeding inclusion - with DM yield of 107%. Combines higher digestibility with a stay green nature to give a wider harvest window.

Maturity:                   MC 5 (FAO 210)
Agronomic factor:    29.8
Recommended use: Forage
CWD:                          6.8
Bred by:                     KWS
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"The new standard in maincrop forage maize" 


Good potential on marginal sites with tolerances to the cold. Offers a high digestible yield making it suitable for Biogas production. 

Maturity:                   FAO 230
Site type:                   All locations
Recommended use: Forage / Biogas
CWD:                          Very good
Bred by:                     DSV
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"A newly registered forage maize
variety with an exciting potiential"