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With the correct nutrient management plan, we ensure optimal input results in maximum output on farm. This is the aim of our highly experienced fertiliser team here at Bartholomews, ensuring you are getting value for money, resulting in a profitable crop.

We source quality products from both the UK and global markets, ever anticipating your requirements alongside our agronomy team and other third parties, whilst embracing your specific farm requirements with our own blending facility in Southampton port.

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What's New.....

Analysis is an important part of good agricultural practice and fundamental to the decision-making process in farming businesses.
In particular, because of the increasing demand for food traceability from the primary producer, through the food chain to UK consumers, there is now a much bigger need to justify agrochemical and fertiliser use through soil testing and analysis of manures and plant tissue: in order to follow good agricultural practices & regulatory requirements to minimise the risks of environmental pollution.