Our 2017 Autumn Cropping range is now available and we are introducing some exciting new varieties; 

Group 1: Crusoe and Skyfall performed well in 2016 harvest and are still holding their strong position within the group one quality wheat’s.  Illustrious now entering its second season and offers excellent disease ratings. New for 2017 is KWS Zyatt with the highest yield potential of the group with great agronomic and grain characteristics.

Group 2: KWS Siskin proved very popular in its first season (2016) and looks to continue in this vein as it offers the highest yield in group 2 with superior disease and grain characteristics over it sister line KWS Lili. Also available again is Cordiale offering flexibility and which has the potential to achieve high Hagberg levels, Specific weight and proteins.

Group 3: KWS Basset is the key variety in group 3 outperforming its sister line KWS Barrel in 2016 so we expect high demand for this variety now in its second season. Other offerings are Claire a stable and well supported variety although seed production areas are very much in decline, and the other favourites of Monterey and Scout.

Group 4s: In the soft section new for 2017 is Bennington proving the highest yielder in this group with good agronomic values and offers UKS for export an advantage over fellow newcomer Sundance. Revelation continues to be well supported and although lower yielding its high disease scores make this a safe and cost effective variety to grow.

In the Group 4 hard section new for 2017 is Shabras which equals the highest yield score on the AHDB list. Graham is now entering its second season on the back of a great 2016 and expect this to continue as a significant variety due to its great disease scores and yield potential. Also available are JB Diego and Costello, which both continue to have great support if now slipping off the pace in terms of yield.

Beans and Oats: Wizard and Tundra are available for the 2017 season and Mascani for winter oats as this continues to offer great standing ability, kernel content and excellent screening scores compared to newer varieties on the list.

Winter OSR: Conventional varieties made up a large percentage of our sales in 2016.  Elgar will continue to be in high demand but ES Mambo may be one to consider as it has topped the AICC trials in West Wittering for the last two seasons. New for 2017 are Django and Barbados both potentially offering high yield and oil content.

Hybrid varieties on offer are Incentive, Wembley and Exalt and new for 2017 Sparrow.

Clearfield varieties are Imperial and Veritas with a limited availability of Phoenix which is considered to be an improvement on Veritas in terms of yield maturity and vigour.

See our full range here or to discuss your options call the seed team on 01243 755620